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Many of our clients have entrusted us with the management of their portfolio because it offers a host of advantages. But some investors are not persuaded about this way of investing. Here are some of their preconceived ideas about discretionary management.

1. “I can manage fine on my own!”

Managing a portfolio is a complex undertaking which needs to be planned carefully: you need to select the right investments, diversify them, buy and sell them at the right time and above all stay consistent and objective in order to minimise risk. Selecting high-quality stocks requires thorough analysis and understanding of a company’s financial and non-financial metrics. Therefore, good advice is essential, especially in the current climate. When you opt for discretionary management, you no longer have to take care of all these vital steps or monitor your portfolio every day. It means you can reap the benefits of a responsible, time-proven management strategy corresponding to your profile, and a service with high added value.

2. “Standardised products?”

Discretionary management is actually highly personalised. Every client has their own needs and investment horizon and they decide what level of risk they want to take. Your portfolio is completely tailored to your individual situation and expectations. So your discretionary management solution is made for you, to reflect your profile and fulfil your objectives.

3. “Isn’t discretionary management opaque?”

Your adviser is always there to discuss the transactions carried out on your portfolio. You also receive a detailed statement of your positions and a management report describing the macroeconomic environment and detailing the transactions performed on your account. Whenever you like, you can use e-banking to view your portfolio status and transactions in the comfort of your own home.

For more information, please contact

Peggy Damgé
Private Banking Adviser
Frédérick Hubert
Senior Private Banker
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