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In these turbulent times, it is important to safeguard your wealth and not take excessive risks on the financial markets. Find out how Banque de Luxembourg can help you make the right investment decisions, with Kevin Schütz, Private Banking Adviser.

Prudence and independence

After a year that has been turned upside down by the health crisis, everyone is wondering what investment choices to make. Our management is guided by prudential principles and carried out independently by our own teams here in Luxembourg. Our investment strategies favour quality stocks over fashionable ones, prioritising risk control especially in bear markets.

Listen to Kevin Schütz, Private Banking Adviser, talking about wealth management on RTL radio.

Despite a challenging year, this approach enabled us to post reassuring performance for our clients in 2020. These results are further proof of the quality of our management and the consistency of our choices, even in turbulent market phases.

Risk control 

Risk control is a fundamental component of our methodology and we achieve this by taking a number of criteria into account:

  • Transparency through investments in companies with a clear business model 
  • Solutions tailored to your needs: depending on your projects, risk appetite, financial objectives and investor profile, we define the best asset allocation for your situation
  • Analysis of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria: we are convinced that the companies that place the greatest emphasis on sustainability are those that do best in the long term.

Personalised service

Making the right decisions for managing your wealth can’t be done on the hoof. It is essential to have support from an experienced and recognised private banker. At Banque de Luxembourg, we take a personalised approach to managing your wealth. A dedicated adviser is at your service. For over a century, our experts have supported clients with solutions to manage, enhance and pass on their wealth.

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Kevin Schütz
Private Banking Adviser

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