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Invest on the financial markets

Do you have a securities portfolio and want to decide on your investments on your own, without the advice of the specialists?

We provide access to custodian services and a full array of financial instruments (equities, bonds, investment funds etc) on most of the international financial markets, as well as a wide range of the traditional money-market investments.

Your adviser is available for any matters not related to investments (in this area, you are the sole decision-maker).

Investment funds

By focusing on investment funds, you are choosing the best solution for enhancing the return on your portfolio. Diversification of your investments is guaranteed, however much you invest. You may opt for funds from the Banque de Luxembourg range or other top-ranking international funds.

How to subscribe to our funds

Two options are available:

  • Subscribe to our funds directly and independently, without taking advice from our experts;
  • Opt for BL-Expert discretionary portfolio management to benefit from an optimised portfolio, managed by our team of specialists and tailored to your investor profile.

Other asset classes

For clients with specific investment objectives, we offer a securities account allowing you to invest on the financial markets while retaining control over your investments.
You have access to most assets (shares, bonds, third-party funds, etc.) listed on the major international stock markets, as well as a broad range of traditional money investments.

Would you like to become a client?

Funds List


Bond funds

NAVPerformanceRisk level
Since 01/01/2120203 Years
BL Bond Euro1 094,24EUR-0,04% -0,18% 0,60%
BL Global Bond Opportunities691,73EUR0,06% 0,94% -0,44%
BL Bond Dollar1 399,94USD-0,28% 6,02% 11,82%
BL Bond Emerging Markets Dollar117,26USD-0,45% 5,09% 10,67%
BL Bond Emerging Markets Euro113,54EUR-0,03% -0,04% 0,25%
BL Bond Emerging Markets Euro100,01USD-0,89% 9,52% -2,73%

Equity funds

NAVPerformanceRisk level
Since 01/01/2120203 Years
BL American Smaller Companies219,06USD2,13% 26,28% 57,70%
BL Equities America11 083,73USD-0,16% 22,79% 46,07%
BL Equities Asia140,43USD8,01% 14,49% 14,32%
BL Equities Asia157,42EUR8,93% 4,49% 17,82%
BL Equities Europe101,59EUR0,24% -0,26% 17,22%
BL European Smaller Companies209,19EUR1,61% 12,54% 25,77%
BL Equities Japan24 260,00JPY1,84% 10,34% 13,03%
BL Equities Japan252,29EUR1,77% 9,33% 10,16%
BL European Family Businesses134,20EUR1,02% 4,51% 4,09%
BL European Family Businesses146,67USD1,05% 6,35% 11,37%

Theme funds

NAVPerformanceRisk level
Since 01/01/2120203 Years
BL Emerging Markets114,65USD4,05% 3,78% 0,28%
BL Equities Dividend190,36USD0,35% 2,02% 31,74%
BL Equities Dividend206,26EUR0,34% 0,93% 24,17%
BL Emerging Markets176,92EUR4,95% -5,27% 3,36%
BL Sustainable Horizon1 248,72EUR0,78% -1,56% 21,21%

Profile funds

NAVPerformanceRisk level
Since 01/01/2120203 Years
BL Global 301 507,24EUR0,33% 1,49% 8,74%
BL Global 501 989,37EUR0,87% 1,87% 14,93%
BL Global 752 907,76EUR1,37% 2,30% 18,77%
BL Global Equities1 004,42EUR2,56% -0,32% 20,25%

Flexible funds

NAVPerformanceRisk level
Since 01/01/2120203 Years
BL Global Flexible USD170,92USD-0,77% 14,86% 26,65%
BL Global Flexible EUR198,21EUR2,09% 1,85% 21,30%


Equity funds of funds

NAVPerformanceRisk level
Since 01/01/2120203 Years
BL Fund Selection Equities269,29EUR3,07% 13,65% 26,66%

Flexible fund of funds

NAVPerformanceRisk level
Since 01/01/2120203 Years
BL Fund Selection 0-50143,88EUR1,27% 8,37% 9,60%
BL Fund Selection Alternative Strategies99,13EUR0,48% -3,14% -4,15%
BL Fund Selection Smart Evolution102,93EUR1,63%
BL Fund Selection 50-100220,05EUR2,38% 8,08% 15,37%

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