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Investment approach

Developed in-house, our investment strategy is based on proven principles rooted in common sense, and applied consistently and rigorously.

We apply an active and rational approach to investing based on solid experience and the benefit of a longstanding team.Guy Wagner, Managing Director, BLI - Banque de Luxembourg Investments

Rigorous methodology


We allocate your assets to construct a diversified portfolio that is adapted to your investment strategy.


We invest in companies with a clear business model and transparent balance sheet that generate strong profits over time.


We select high-quality companies that have a tangible competitive advantage and create value over the long term.


We only invest in assets at a reasonable valuation.

Controlling risks and generating performance over the long term

We aim to generate above-market-average performance over a full stock market cycle, which is around 15 years.


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Angela Murrell
Private Banking Adviser
Peggy Damgé
Private Banking Adviser

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Thierry FEIS
Private Banking adviser
Loraine Calo
Private Banking adviser
Patricia Hebisch
Private Banking adviser
Michael Schaal
Head of Private Banking Germany
LUG pecastaings
Head of Private Banking France
Abel Da Silva 
Private Banking adviser
Yves Georges
Head of Private Banking Belgium
Thierry Feis
Head of Private Banking International
Loraine Calo
Private Banking adviser
Marco oliveira
Private Banking Adviser

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Sandra Giunta
Head of Private Banking Wallonie - Bruxelles
Stéphane dehenain
Joint Head of the Brussels Private Banking Centre
David Thaels
Privat Banker Senior

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