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Life is not always straightforward. The winter of life? Wisdom, experience and well-deserved rest. A time for thinking beyond tomorrow, setting affairs in order and getting the next generation ready... Blended family, inheritance planning: discover the story of Giles and his new partner, Sabrina.

Giles retires from his professional life. He plans to spend his retirement in the sun and moves abroad with Sabrina. Meanwhile, his daughter from his first marriage (Laura) has given birth to twins (Melanie and Jerome). Giles begins to think about plans to hand over his estate.

Winter for Giles and his new partner, Sabrina

  • What are the tax and wealth implications of Giles and Sabrina changing their country of residence?
  • What is the best way to organise the transfer of assets within blended families? What implications will this have for the different family members?
  • Is there a need for vigilance in some areas?
  • How can Giles protect the interests of all his children from his marriage and his second relationship?
  • What are the implications of any gifts made to his children? What options does he have for gifting to his grandchildren? If Giles would like to leave part of his estate to his new partner's children, how can he do so?
  • Sabrina also wants to plan her own will. As her son Christopher lives abroad, what is the best approach to situations involving multiple jurisdictions?
  • Sabrina and her daughter have a difficult relationship; what precautions can Sabrina take?

Our expertise

For each of these projects we can assist you in organising the structure, management and transmission of your assets.

  • We analyse the impact of a change of residence on your personal situation and that of your family.
  • We work towards a family consensus around important family and wealth projects; defining a framework for inheritance planning; support with issues such as sharing out the estate fairly.
  • We can advise you on preparing the next generation to receive a substantial inheritance (building awareness of the value of money, financial education, etc.).
  • We provide support in drafting documents for the succession of an estate or a business (such as gift acknowledgement, supplementary agreement or shareholders' agreement).
  • We offer support with arrangements for holding investments and real estate.


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