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Our Corporate Social Responsibility: Banque de Luxembourg's first Extra Financial Report

Creating value for our clients' wealth and for society is reflected in the caring and responsible way we run our business for all our stakeholders.

Our CSR strategy is at the heart of our ethos, uniting our stakeholders around a shared vision of having a positive impact on society and the future.Georges Heinrich, Secretary General and CSR Committee Coordinator

CSR, which is both a factor in sustainability and a tremendous opportunity for innovation, is firmly ingrained in our strategy, our ethos and our approach. Our mission is to contribute to sustainable development by combining financial performance with social, societal and environmental ambitions. To achieve our objectives, an in-depth review of our CSR strategy for the next five years was undertaken in 2020 and has enabled us to define four key pillars of commitment:

1. To support the ecological, social and societal transition

As a committed economic player, we support our clients in a responsible approach to their investments, combining financial performance with social and environmental issues. We offer a sustainable and responsible range of products and services, with discretionary management solutions, spreading investments across different ESG-friendly financial instruments, and the socially responsible BL Sustainable Horizon fund. Our commitment to the local economic fabric is also reflected in our support for entrepreneurs established in the Grand Duchy, helping them to finance their projects and to manage, develop, and safeguard their professional wealth. In keeping with our philanthropic tradition, we extend our activities to charitable partnerships and initiatives.

2. To forge long-term, caring relationships with our employees

We are a caring Bank and we are attentive in our relationships. Long-term relationships with our employees are one of the pillars of our CSR strategy, with the ambition of continually developing their skills, promoting diversity and equal opportunities, building loyalty in the younger generation, and ensuring the well-being of all.

3. To reduce our environmental footprint

Like any business, our activity has an impact on the environment. Conscious of our responsibility, we have been pursuing a policy of reducing our environmental footprint for the past ten years, with four objectives: reduce our emissions, reduce our energy consumption, manage our waste, materials and consumables, and evaluate the practices of our suppliers.

4. To govern according to ethical principles and transparency

Banque de Luxembourg's reputation is based on good governance and a strong culture of compliance. We have established an efficient structure and implemented rigorous processes and controls to ensure strict compliance with the regulations in force. We have also enshrined the principles of transparent communication, diverse composition of decision-making bodies, and participatory governance in our ongoing efforts to preserve the sustainability of our business.

As evidence of our progress and ambitions in these four areas of commitment, the Bank is publishing its first CSR report in 2021, in accordance with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards.

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