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Peace of mind as you set off on holiday with a wide range of insurance cover through your payment cards. No matter where or how you spend your holidays, the most important thing is to be protected. Here are some tips to help you use make good use of your card and avoid problems.

Temporarily change your monthly usage limit

The maximum monthly limit on your credit card is usually decided with your banking adviser when you first sign up for the card. However, it is possible to change it up or down on a temporary basis (e.g. when you go on holiday). This can be done by contacting your banking adviser on (+352) 49 924 1 or via your digital platforms (the BL Mobile Banking app or e-banking website).

Insurance benefits from your card

The many guarantees provided by your payment card are often overlooked. But you must have paid for your trip with your credit card. Insurance, travel assistance services and reimbursement thresholds depend on the type of card you have. To avoid paying twice for the same insurance cover, be sure to check what insurance is provided by your card.

Secure online shopping

Since 1 January 2021, online transactions have been validated via a LuxTrust Mobile authentication solution developed with ‘3D Secure’ rather than by a text message (SMS) code.

The LuxTrust Mobile authentication solution allows you to validate online purchases using your smartphone.

To activate 3D Secure

Stage 1: Download and activate the LuxTrust Mobile app, available from your smartphone store or from the website

Stage 2: Go to and follow the instructions.

Fraud prevention recommendations

To protect your personal data, please be extra vigilant in these troubled times:

  • Do not reply to emails or text messages inviting you to click on a link
  • Never give out your account number, credit card number, LuxTrust login details or other personal data
  • Do not open messages from senders you do not recognise
  • If you are in any doubt, contact Banque de Luxembourg at the usual number.
  • What to do if your credit card is lost or stolen

Immediately contact Worldline on (+352) 49 10 10 (24/7) to block your card.

Loss or theft must be reported to the local police.