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Promote philanthropy

Our long-term engagement in philanthropy was recognised by the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation in 2017.

Outside the Bank, we strive to make an active contribution to the awareness and development of philanthropic practices. We have been promoting philanthropy for over ten years through numerous initiatives, aiming to raise the profile of the charity sector and encourage people to donate and volunteer.

  • Two white papers presented to the Luxembourg government in 2008 and 2015 to establish a culture of involvement. The platform, launched in 2015 on our initiative, connects all the stakeholders (project initiators, volunteers, donors) who are working for public-interest causes.
  • Conference on shareholder foundations, launched in 2018, to heighten awareness of the challenges involved in relating businesses to the common good.
  • The ‘What young people bring to philanthropy’ study initiated in 2018 and conducted by the Baillet Latour Chair in Social Investment and Philanthropy at the Centre for Social Economy, HEC Liège, in partnership with the King Baudouin Foundation and Wise Philosophy, aimed to better understand and highlight young people’s involvement in philanthropy.
  • Held in Luxembourg in 2020, ‘UP_Foundation’ is an evening dedicated to exploring young people’s involvement, including presentation of the results of the ‘What young people bring to philanthropy’ study carried out by HEC Liège and the launch of ‘Design for Change Luxembourg’ with the ‘I CAN’ philosophy of the international Design for Change (DfC) movement. The approach was introduced to Luxembourg by the UP_Foundation and encourages young people to become active problem-solvers using the ‘Feel, Imagine, Do, Share’ method.

In 2017, our ongoing commitment to philanthropy was recognised by an award from the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation.

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Anne Goedert
Philanthropy advisor