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Investing in alternative assets through fund structures has increasingly become a common asset class for institutional investors and also individual investors, looking for interesting returns. Our expert teams are here to develop tailormade solutions.

Banque de Luxembourg has been active in this type of asset class, providing asset services for fund managers for almost 20 years.

On the demand side, in our private banking activity, we have seen growing interest for private capital investments over the last years. We recommend our Private Banking clients to optimize portfolio performance by creating a diversified mix of traditional financial assets and alternative assets from a risk and return perspective.

In our asset servicing activity, we have seen the same growing interest by fund initiators to launch new private asset funds. Our experts help them comply with the legal and regulatory requirements of investment transactions.

What types of investments are supported by Banque de Luxembourg?

We support a broad range of asset classes. Apart from UCITs funds investing in traditional financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, money market funds and also hedge funds regulated by the UCITs directive, Banque de Luxembourg has a thorough knowledge and significant track record in servicing private asset funds regulated by the AIFMD. On a day-to-day basis, our team of experts takes care of a significant number of transactions into private equity, venture capital, real estate, infrastructure as well as private debt.

Today, the biggest share related to new fund servicing-mandates is generated by private asset funds. Over the past 3 years we have seen a growth of 30 % for private asset funds and this trend still holds. Indeed, today, Banque de Luxembourg provides banking and depositary services for over 150 private asset sub-funds.

What type of services does Banque de Luxembourg offer to private asset fund managers?

First, we help global initiators to set up their fund in Luxembourg. We have an open architecture when it comes to collaboration with law firms, (alternative investment) fund managers, central administrations as well as auditors, which gives our clients the assurance of a high level of expertise and a tight network of long-term partnerships.

After the onboarding phase, we accompany the legal fund representatives in all operational or banking related questions regarding transactions through equity or debt. Our business model works with a single point of contact: Our clients can rely on trusted relationship managers who liaise with internal and external teams. Our service range also covers custody & depositary services, banking services, corporate accounts for GPs and SPVs, overdraft facilities, brokerage, FX-services, share class hedging, cash management as well as settlement services.

What is the unique selling proposition of Banque de Luxembourg compared to other depositary banks in Luxembourg?

We care for our clients and aim to provide the best possible service, whilst being pragmatic, client- and solution-oriented. Our aim is to help fund managers focus on their core business, i.e., fund raising, deal sourcing and investing while we take care of the rest. Today, the regulatory environment is challenging, with an increasing demand for AML/KYC and KYT compliance. Banque de Luxembourg follows a very business-oriented approach, aiming to facilitate the compliance process for our clients.

We offer institutional banking services in a private banking mindset, anchored in a client centered approach. This is how we have been serving institutional clients for almost 40 years. We are a trusted partner for our clients whose needs deserve personalized services.

For further information, please contact

Nicole Thomé, MBA, CAIA
Senior Business Development Manager

Nicole Thomé has more than 20 years of professional experience in the European financial services industry and held different senior positions as Business Development and Relationship Manager at Banks, Law Firms, Insurance Companies and Professionals of the Financial Sector.

Over the last years, Nicole Thomé held different Senior positions as Business Development and Relationship Manager dedicated to Private Assets and contributed amongst other to the establishment of the Private Equity Real Estate Business Line at CACEIS Bank S.A. and Arendt & Medernach in Luxembourg.

She holds an MBA Corporate Governance and Management from the Donau University in Krems (Austria), is a CAIA Charterholder and Candidate Board Member of the CAIA Chapter in Luxembourg.