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itsme is an application that allows you to confirm your identity and validate your banking transactions securely using your smartphone.

If you don’t yet have access to our online banking solutions :

Contact your adviser who will help you activate access to your online accounts. They can help you with any questions relating to your accounts.

I don’t yet have an itsme identity. How do I create an itsme account?

Go to “ Getting started with itsme ” on the website and follow the instructions on the screen.

If you already have access to Banque de Luxembourg’s online banking solutions :

You will first need to link your itsme identity to our online banking services. There are two ways to do this:

Using the LuxTrust website

Go to the LuxTrust website;

  • In “ Manage my products ”, click on “CONNECT TO MY LUXTRUST”;
  • Identify yourself using the LuxTrust device that you normally use to access our online banking services.
  • The screen will then display the details of your certificate and your LuxTrust devices. At the bottom of the list of devices, under the itsme icon, click on “Associate” and identify yourself with your itsme identity

Using Banque de Luxembourg’s mybank website

Go to;

  • Choose itsme as the authentication mode and identify yourself using your itsme identity;
  • In the “BL Web User” field, enter your Banque de Luxembourg BL Web User, which is shown on the Webcard given to you by your adviser You can also find it in the “... More” tab of your BL Mobile Banking app and in the “Profile” menu of the E-Banking website.

You can now use your itsme identity.

If you have already installed the BL Mobile Banking app and configured it with your LuxTrust account, and now want to use it with itsme:

In the “ Password ” field in the app’s home screen, tap on “ Forgotten? ”. Then select itsme as the authentication mode and connect to your itsme account.

If you haven’t yet installed the BL Mobile app:

Search for the BL Mobile Banking app in your smartphone’s app store and download it. Then launch the app and click on “Identify yourself”. Choose itsme as the authentication mode and connect to your itsme account.

Please contact the BL-Support team if you have any questions.

BL-Support - Technical assistance
(+352) 26 20 26 30

BL-Support - Technical assistance
+32 (0) 2 663 45 55

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