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Take advantage of our exclusive interest rates: 3.75% on petrol or diesel vehicles and 3.25% on electric and hybrid vehicles (excluding administration fees). Until March 31, 2024

Offer subject to approval of loan by Banque de Luxembourg for the purchase of a new or used vehicle from a Luxembourg dealer as part of Autofestival 2024. Maximum duration of loan: 5 years. Fixed interest rate of 3.75% (or 3.25%) with monthly repayments.

Example for a loan of 40,000 EUR with a five-year repayment term:

For a petrol or diesel vehicle For a hybrid or electric vehicle
Interest rate: 3.75% Interest rate: 3.25%
Administration fee: 0 EUR Administration fee: 0 EUR
APR: 3.87% APR: 3.35%
Monthly payments:
733,11 EUR
Monthly payments:
724.02 EUR
Total amount payable: 43,986.58 EUR Total amount payable: 43,441.21 EUR


For more information, contact your usual adviser.