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What to do in the event of loss, theft or blocking of your payment card in a cash machine?

Contact Worldline Financial Services (Europe) S.A. immediately on (+352) 49 10 10 (24/7) to block your card, then contact your banking adviser on (+352) 49 924 1 to order a new card if you need one. Loss or theft must be reported to the local police.

What should I do if my credit card doesn't work?

This may be due to a variety of reasons. Please contact your adviser on their direct line or via the Bank's main reception (+352) 49 924–1 (Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm). 

What is contactless payment?

Contactless payment technology allows you to make purchases without having to insert a credit card into a terminal. To make a payment, just wave your card close to a terminal displaying this symbol :


How much can I pay with my contactless card?

In Luxembourg, contactless payments can be made for any amount.

For amounts under 50 EUR, you do not need to use your PIN code.

For amounts over 50 EUR, your PIN code will be requested. These are the limits for Luxembourg, but they vary from country to country. 

Circumstances may require to adjust the limit.

Is it possible to make a contactless payment without realising?

No, it is impossible to make a contactless payment by accident. You can only initiate the payment by waving your card a few centimetres away from the terminal to approve the registered amount. Beyond this distance, the contactless technology cannot be activated. This means that you have complete control over your contactless payments. A sales receipt is issued at the end of every contactless transaction.

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure is a security service for online credit card payments aimed at reducing the fraudulent use of credit cards on the internet. It is used by websites displaying the following logo:






As of 1 January 2021, your online transactions will be validated using the LuxTrust Mobile authentication solution, rather than by text message. Please note that the LuxTrust Mobile app is the only authentication solution possible for validating online purchases made using your smartphone.

Can you use 3D Secure with a debit card?

No. 3D Secure does not work with debit cards. It is only for Visa credit cards (which can be used on the majority of trading sites worldwide).

How do you activate the new 3D Secure service?

Step 1: Download and activate the LuxTrust Mobile app, available on your smartphone’s app store or from Go straight to step 2 if you already have the LuxTrust Mobile app

Step 2: Just go to and let you guide.

What do you need to look out for when using my credit card on the internet?

You can take some practical steps to safeguard against risk. Before any transaction, check that you are in a secure virtual environment (a key or padlock icon will show up on your screen or the https:// address will be displayed in the address field on your browser). Only purchase goods or services from merchants of good repute. Avoid lesser known sites or try to find out more about them before making a purchase. In the event of a suspicious transaction, contact Worldline Financial Services (Europe) S.A. immediately on (+352) 49 10 10 (24/7) to block your card. 

How do you change the PIN number on a payment card?

A personalised PIN code is easier to remember so it is more secure as it will save you from having to write down the number (which we strongly advise against). It is also unwise to disclose your PIN code to anyone else. You can personalise the PIN code on your V Pay card at Banque de Luxembourg cash machines. You can change the PIN code of your VISA or MasterCard payment cards at any cash machines in Luxembourg.

What should you do if you forget your PIN code or you enter the wrong PIN code three times?

Your credit card will be blocked if the wrong PIN code is entered three times in succession. This is a security measure to prevent your card from being used by unauthorised persons. To unblock your card, contact your banking adviser on (+352) 49 924 1; your card will be re-activated and ready for use again within five minutes. If you forget your PIN code, your banking adviser will send you a new one within a few days. 

Is it possible to make a temporary change to a credit card's monthly credit limit?

The maximum monthly limit on your credit card is usually decided with your banking adviser when you first sign up for the card. However, it is possible to change it up or down on a temporary basis (e.g. when you go on holiday). This can be done by contacting your banking adviser on (+352) 49 924 1 or via your digital platforms (the BL Mobile Banking app or e-banking website).

Is it possible to pay in USD, CHF or GBP without incurring very high currency exchange costs?

If you regularly make payments in foreign currency, contact your banking adviser to discuss the most appropriate solution for your circumstances.

What are the statement dates and when will I receive my statement?

The statement dates for credit cards (see list of dates opposite) are produced every month. Statements are generated and usually sent 3 days after the statement date.

What are the general terms and conditions for payment cards and the general terms and conditions for insurance and assistance at Banque de Luxembourg

Click below to view the general terms and conditions for payment cards and insurance and assistance.

What insurance, assistance and advantages are offered by each payment card?

To protect against unexpected events, specific insurance (links to summary doc for each insurance/assistance policy) has been taken out with our partner AIG Europe Limited, Belgian branch. Any losses you incur will be reimbursed retrospectively subject to documentary evidence, provided the appropriate cover was included with your credit card. Before you can be reimbursed, you must fill in a claims declaration form (links to claims declaration forms) providing all the necessary information. This declaration must be sent (preferably by registered post) as soon as possible and at the latest within 20 calendar days of the date of the loss, except in exceptional circumstances or force majeure, at the following address:

AIG Europe Limited,
Belgian branch Claims Department
Boulevard de la Plaine,
11 B-1050 Brussels
Tel. +32 (0)2 739 96 20

To request assistance following an accident when abroad, contact VAB (Vlaamse Automobiel Bond) by phone on +32 (0)3 253 69 16

In the event of a claim, please complete the appropriate claim form below, providing all relevant information.


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